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KY-2 series HCL Hollow cathode lamp

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Price : USD 50



    Hollow cathode lamp (HCL) is a special light source that generates characteristic atomic emission lines from a specific element, or multiple elements, of interest for Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer ( AAS )

We have single element and multiple elements. None coded.

We also supply coded lamps. Used for Agilent and Thermo


Our lamps use the-state-of-art technology and using advanced vacuum process equipment in the manufacturing process. Each HCL is capable of producing highly stable and intensive emissions. Our lamps are compatible to all modern domestic and foreign made atomic absorption spectrophotometers (AAS) and atomic fluorescence spectrophotometers (AFS).  


1.5 inch(37mm) lamps work with mostly brands AAS such as Varian, Hitachi, shimadzu etc.

2.0 inch(50mm) lamps a littler larger, especially work with Perkin Elemer brand AAS.


Our lamps mostly advantages are: longer lifetime(>5000 hours for mostly elements)

High intensity and low noisy.


Technical Specifications


1. Starting Voltage:   ≤350V (compatible to all commercial AAS systems)

2. Background intensity : The background intensity near the main analytical line is less than 1% of the intensity of the analytical line.

3.  Warm-up time: 

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  • Place of Origin : Ji Nan of Shan Dong
  • FOB Price : USD 50
  • Minimum Order Quantity : 1
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    Delivered by air cargo, or by express to your office. Such as DHL, UPS etc.

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