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Catering Service Providers in Qatar

Providing healthy food to staff and business partners speaks volumes about the way any company treats its people. It is also one of the foremost motivators for the employees. Entrust your catering needs to us to make sure you make a trustworthy impression in front of your workforce, partners, and clients. With years of combined expertise as a full-service caterer in various cuisines, across different sectors, we provide a wonderful and everlasting experience with food, be it Industrial, Institutional, Hotels & clubs, Conference & training, Events & outdoors, or Remote-sites segments. Here are some things we guaranteeHACCP approved food safety practices.Strict quality control and quality assurance practices at all levels: from supplier selection to final food deliveryWholesome service experience, with end-to-end serviceCustomized service: Industrial, Institutional, Hotels & clubs, Conference & training, Events & outdoor catering, Remote-sitesMulti-cuisine catering: South Asian (India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka), Filipino, Arabic, Continental and AfricanServing all levels of personnel: From Rank & file employees, junior executives to senior level executivesRegular on-going feedback system to ensure customer satisfaction
Supplier : RALEON TRADING WLL , Qatar / Tele : 30012880 / DOHA
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Round Bars

Relying on our expertise, we are engaged in dealing in wide range of Round Bars in market. To meet the specific requirements of our clients, our products are available with unique and sophisticated designs. Quality of our entire products range including Round Bars will meet the international standards. Our entire products ranges are superior in designing and superior in quality. We deliver our assignments using customized packaging standards. Features: Contemporary designFlawless finishAffordable prices
Supplier : Nandini Steel MUMBAI
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BACK BAR BOTTLE COOLER • FAGOR - SPAIN • Model : ERM 250 • Equipped with two doors • Exterior of plastic coated steel in black color • Glass doors with vacuum chamber on anodized aluminum frame • Capacity : 190 Ltr / 156 Bottles • Dim : 900 x 520 x 900 mm • 230 Volt / 50 Hz / 1 Ph / 400 W • Warranty - One Year
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Hotel Products in uae

AL MAS Cleaning Mat. Tr. LLC located in Sharjah U.A.E, Importers and Wholesale Distributors of Cleaning Products in U.A.E.    We are able to provide an excellent service to all our customers. We have developed an unrivaled service that is the first choice for many leading Hotels, Restaurants, Healthcare Operators, Food Production Companies, Catering, Schools, Universities and Facility Management Organizations etc.   We can offer the complete solution to the cleaning and hygiene needs of today's demanding professional; we are able to provide an excellent service to all our customers.   The company is dealing with the most branded groups namely AMAL, MAS FRESH, MAS CARE, MAS TOUCH, DIAMOND, RELAX, CH, HYGIENE PLUS, APEX, HYGIENE FRESH, HYGEL, IXOL, GPX, CROWN, DETTOL, CLOROX, PLEDGE, BELAGE, WINDEX, HARPIC, LUX, FAIRY,  BRASSO, VIM, JIFF, DOWNY, TIDE, ARIEL, PURELL, WHITE, DIAMOND, DOUBLE DIAMOND, TORK, JUMANAH, DELMOND, GOLDEN, KENTUCKY, SUPERZONE, EUROMOP, VDM TROLLEYS, CORONET, VITA, WINDEX, RUBBERMAID, 3M, SIMPLE GREEN, SULO, MR.MUSCLE, KLEENEX, ENMOTION, FLAMO, AMHEAT, MOONLIGHT, AIR WICK, LE WRAP, CLEAN UP etc.    Our Products Range are:  A.         Cleaning Chemicals B.         Paper Products C.         Cleaning Equipments D.         Disposable Products E.         Dispensers and Air fresheners F.         Hotel Products G.         Industrial Cleaning Chemicals H.         Laundry Products I.          Car Care Products    A.         Cleaning Chemicals: Dish Wash Liquid, Hand Soap Liquid, Antibacterial Hand Soap Liquid, Floor Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Bleach, Antiseptic Disinfectant, All Purpose Cleaner, Acid cleaner, Citrus Pine Disinfectant, Golden Pine Disinfectant, Lemon Disinfectant, Lavender Disinfectant, Carpet Shampoo, Floor Polish, Floor Stripper, Oven Cleaner Liquid, Oven Cleaner Spray, Drainage Opener, Heavy duty Degreaser, Industrial Hand Cleaner, Active Bowl Cleaner, Toilet cleaner, Carpet Shampoo, Carpet Powder, Marble Polish Liquid, Carpet spot and stain remover, Carpet Deodorizer, Cement remover, Hair and body shampoo, Channel Block,  Stainless Steel Cleaner Spray, Furniture Polish, Metal Polish, Brass Polish, Insect Killer, Fabric Softener, Tide, Ariel, Vim powder, Jiff,  Clorox Wet Wipes, Dettol Disinfectant Aerosol Spray, Detergent Powder, AIR FRESHENER, HAND SANITIZER etc.    B.         Paper Products: Facial Tissue, Table Napkins, Dispenser Napkins, Maxi Roll, Toilet Rolls, Auto Cut, Interfold Hand Towel, C fold Hand Towel Kitchen Towel, T Tork, Coaster, Couch Roll, Toilet Seat Cover, Medical Bed Sheet, Antibacterial Hand Wipes, Universal Sanitizing Wipes etc.  C. Hotel & Restaurant Products: Chaffing Fuel, Shampoo, Soap, Shaving Kit, Bath Gel, Body Lotion, Shoe Shine, Shoe Horn, Dental Kit, Shoe horn, Comb, Slipper open toe, Shower cap, Sewing kit, Ball Pen, Housekeeping Carts, Laundry Trucks, Luggage Carts, Guest Room Bins, Ground Ashtrays, Outdoor Ashtrays, Wooden Hangers, Bamboos, Sign Boards etc.    D.         Disposable Products: Garbage Bag Black, Dust Bin Bag white, Bio hazard Yellow Garbage Bag, Take Out Plastic bag, Cling Film, Aluminium Foil, Baking Paper Roll, Wax Paper Roll, Latex Gloves, Vinyl Gloves, PE Gloves, Shoe Cover, Household Gloves, Nitrile gloves, Rubber Gloves, Plastic Glass, Fork, Knife, Foam Glass, Apron, Face Mask, Hairnet etc.    E.         Cleaning Equipments: Soft Brush, Hard Brush, Wire Brush, Carpet Brush, Dish Brush, Cloth Brush, Dust Pan with brush small, Long Dust Pan with Brush open type, Long Dust Pan with Brush closed type, Floor Wiper, Toilet Brush, Scrubbing Brush, Microfiber cloth, Mop Holder, Aluminium Handle, Scrapper, Wringer Basket, Replacement Rubber, High Duster, Nipper, Telescopic Pole, Wet Mop, Kentucky Mop, Vita Mop, Dust Control Mop, PP Duster, Dust Bin, Gloves, Bucket, Mop Trolleys, Housekeeping Trolleys, Janitorial Cart with cover, Multi-function Janitorial Cart, Caution Sign Board, Laundry Cart, Stainless Steel pedal bins, Scrubbing Pad, Sponge, Steel Wool, Glass Wiper, Glass Applicator, Kitchen Towel, Scrapper, Telescopic Pole, Door Mats etc.    F.         Dispensers: Airfreshner Dispenser, Hand Gel Sanitizer Dispenser, Maxi Roll Dispenser, C Fold Dispenser, Interfold Dispenser, Toilet Roll, Auto Cut Dispenser, Hand Dryer, Hair Dryer, Stainless Steel Paper Dispenser, Soap Dispenser, Foam Soap Dispenser, Auto Soap Dispenser, Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispenser, Central Pull Dispenser, Toilet seat cover dispenser, Hairnet Dispenser, Face Mask Dispenser, Gloves Dispenser etc.    G.         Industrial Cleaning Chemicals: Lube Oil Separator, Oil Spill Dispersant, Carbon Remover, Electroclean Slow, Electroclean Fast, Air Cooler, Metal Brightener, Rig Wash Powder, Sea Clean, Descaling Liquid, Tank Clean, Descaling Powder, Paint Stripper, Fibre Glass Cleaner, Rust Remover, Cement Scale remover, Water Based Degreaser, Solvent Based Degreaser, Penetrating Oil, etc.    H.         Laundry Products: Laundry Detergent Liquid, Laundry Emulsifier, Laundry Fabric Softener, Bleach Liquid White, Laundry Bleach Powder White, Laundry Bleach Powder Color, Laundry Detergent Powder Extra white, Laundry Detergent Liquid etc.    I.         Car Care Products: Radiator Coolant, Car Shampoo, Dash Board Polish, Tyre Polish, Tyre Shining, Antifreeze etc.    We welcome the opportunity to work with you to grow your business with our products. We are dedicated to formulating high-quality cleaning products with unsurpassed customer service. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of our products or services, your answers are one phone call away.  
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Party toilet facility in UAE

For More details-contactUAE- Mr. Sunil Edamana +971 50 100 4589 E.mail: sunil@reyamirental.comLand line +971 4 2452400E.mail: salesuae@reyamirental.comMr. Jouhar +971 56 161 6539OMAN- Mr. Jobi +968 99217686 Email: jobikb@reyamirental.comLandline   +968 24445411 Email: SAUDI ARABIA- Mr .Dinesh ChandraMob:+966 594791270Email: dineshc@reyamirental.comLandline: +966 138813800 Email:
Supplier : RTS Construction Equipment Rental L.L.C DUBAI
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